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IfcOpenShell C++

IfcOpenShell C++ offers classes and functions to read, write, and modify all IFC schemas, serialisations, and geometry. Based on the OpenCASCADE geometry kernel, IfcOpenShell C++ offers multicore conversion of implicit IFC geometry into explicit polygons for use in CAD systems. Perform geometric analysis through BVH trees, voxels, and 2D drawing generation.

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IfcOpenShell Python

The speed and features of IfcOpenShell C++ through Python. Comes with a utility module that reduces common model analysis tasks to one line of code. Offers a high level API for native IFC authoring usecases across all disciplines, whether its adding objects, managing classifications and documents, connecting distribution ports, or critical path analysis.

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Convert from IFC to OBJ, DAE, GLB/GLTF, STP, IGS, XML, SVG, and H5. Includes options for multithreaded support, element filtering, geometry validation, coordinates, and units.

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BlenderBIM Add-on

Based on Blender and IfcOpenShell Python, this add-on provides a rich, graphical native IFC authoring environment. View and create models, drawings, and manage BIM data. Everything can be automated via a Python interface.


Extract data and edit IFC models using spreadsheets, CSVs, and Pandas Dataframes.


Use IDS to write and audit BIM information delivery specifications.


Check for model geometry collisions with support for element filters, clash grouping, and BCF results.


Compare two models with support for checking differences in geometry, properties, and data relationships.


Visual node programming to generate and analyse models using Blender.


Distribute and run common scripts to modify IFC models.


Convert to and from IFC and CityJSON.


Audit and convert IFC facility management data using the COBie template and FMH-EM specifications.


Convert IFC construction sequencing WBS and task data from Oracle P6, Microsoft Project, and Asta PowerProject.


Quantity take-off and integration with cost estimation tools.


Library to read and write BCF-XML data and interact with BCF-API enabled CDEs.


Library to interact with the buildingSMART Data Dictionary API.